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P. B. Shelly- Timeline

1792 -----> He was born at Field Place in August 4.

1811 -----> Wrote Posthumous Fragments of Margaret Nicholson with T. J. Hogg. Published the Necessity of Atheism which got him and Hogg expelled from the Oxford University.

1812 -----> Friendship between himself and William Godwin begun.

1813 -----> Queen Mab was privately printed.

1814 -----> He remarried his wife. Left England with Mary Godwin and returned England.

1815 -----> A Refutation of Deism was published anonymously.

1816 -----> He published Alasta. His friendship with Byron begun. Mrs Shelley killed herself and Shelley married Mary Godwin by December 30.

1817 -----> Settled at Marlow with Mary Woolstonecraft Shelley. His friendship with Keats begun.

1818 ------>Published Political Pamphlets and The Revolt of Islam. He then left England for Italy. Mary Shelley published Frankenstein.

1819 ------> Rosalind and Helen and The Cenci.

1820 ------> Prometheus Unbound and Oedipus Tyrannus (annon).

1821 ------> Epipsychidion (anon) and Adonais (inspired by death of Keats)

1822 -----> Hellas was published. He died by drowning off Leghorn in July 8. He was cremated in August 16.

1824 -----> Posthumous Poems was published.

1839 -----> Poetical Works edited by Mrs. Shelley was published.

1840 -----> Essays published (edited by Mrs. Shelley).

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