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Know the Literpretaions!


"To Become a Deemed University of Literature and Arts"

Literpretation aims to create a unique space that is made purely for Literature students belonging to any field of study. It aims to guide, uplift, and create literature enthusiasts through challenging curriculum setup and organization skills of the University.

"To Create a Global Literature Network"

We are thriving to launch a digital platform that will interconnect the Literature Community scattered all across the globe. Literpretation will achieve international recognition and serve the Literature society.


To connect all the colleges and schools and provide add-on courses that will show a different perspective on the scope of Literature as a profession and also develop language by focusing on all the four skills 'LSRW' with equal importance.

To bring our website accessible to all the literature students via subscription method and create a community that is unspoiled by others' criticisms along with ignition of the hidden innovativeness.



Literpretation LLP is a Literature Firm that focuses on teaching and creating both 'Language' and 'Literature' content via a plethora of ways and modes such as, Content Writing, Performance Arts, Language Teaching, Training, Content Development, etc...


Literpretation was established on March 2, 2021, by Lathiga. R. M and Sanjay Singh. G. It was started as a sole-proprietorship blogging website, "" and then developed into an LLP.


The name "Literpretation" was coined by Sanjay Singh. G, one of the founders of the company by joining the two words "Literature" and "Interpretation" together which goes in hand with the Company's saying "Why misinterpret when we are here to literpret to you"


Literpretation as aforementioned being a Literature firm wished to extend its expertise via performance arts thereby establishing a theatre company named, PEPAC Theatre Company on July, 10, 2021.

What do we do?

Teach Language via



-Performance Arts

Via Literature


We interpret English Literature pieces of works written all across the globe with an ‘objective’ perspective. We believe being ‘objective' will give the raw essence of the work. The ultimate goal of providing a summary is to make the readers get the flavor of the work in an easy way i.e. through simple language choice. We give space to our readers for inspiration, imagination, and improvisation. The benefits of Literpretation include unspoiled creativity, simple & easy way of cognition, and development of skills such as critical analysis, writing, reading, etc…

Via Profession

Internship Programs

We at Literpretation provide a “Content Writing Internship Program” for literature students irrespective of their writing skills because; one of the major parts of this program is to train students to become good content writers.


Content Writing has become popular along with the expansion of the digital world. This profession gives everyone money, time for creativity, and freedom to travel anywhere around the world. Trends such as “Earn while you learn” and "Earn at leisure” have become popular. Especially, after the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has managed to get used to the new normal which includes earning from home through writing. Though this profession is popular, no one gets proper training for it, and there comes Literpretation to help serve everyone who is interested in becoming a content writer.

Note: All posts in this website are and will be written in the standard for school kids and UG/PG literature students


Introducing Our Online IELTS Service Wing

Reign IELTS Classes offer a distinct advantage over other online IELTS preparation courses, addressing the challenges students often face in their pursuit of academic excellence. Unlike traditional courses that adhere to unmodified timing schedules and employ a theoretical approach, Reign IELTS Classes provide customised timing and a practical teaching methodology, ensuring a more personalised and effective learning experience. Additionally, while other courses may charge unfair prices and risk employing unqualified trainers, Reign IELTS Classes pride themselves on offering affordable, economic pricing and exclusively using British Council Certified Trainers. This combination of factors sets Reign IELTS Classes apart from the competition, making it an ideal choice for students seeking to enhance their English language proficiency and succeed in the IELTS examination.


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2/402 2nd West Main Avenue, 

Narayan Chettiyar Colony,

Narayanapuram, Madurai, 625014

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