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George Peele- Timeline

George Peele:

1556 -----> He was born in the parish of St. James Garlickhithe, in London

1571 -----> Left London for Oxford in March

1580 -----> He married a sixteen-year-old girl, Anne Cooke; Sometime in the early 1580s he wrote The Arrangement of Paris

1588 -----> The Battle of Alcazar

1589 -----> The Old Wives’ Tale


1593)-----> Edward I; The Love of King David and Fair Bethsabe (published in *1599* but written at an unknown earlier date).

1595 -----> He wrote a letter begging for aid from Lord Burleigh

1596 -----> A London church register recorded his death less than two years later


Great Elizabethan Playwrights by Don Nardo

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