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Sylvia Plath- Life Timeline

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Sylvia Plath Life Timeline:

1932 -----> She was born as the first child of Aurelia Schober and Otto Emil Plath on October 27 in Boston.

1936 -----> Plath family moved to the seaside town of Winthrop, Massachusetts.

1940 -----> Her father died.

1942 -----> Plath family moved to Wellesley, Massachusetts.

1950 -----> Plath started to write her first poems and short stories while attending public school.

1950 -----> She won a scholarship to Smith College.

1953 -----> She worked as a Mademoisselle guest editor in New York for the summer.

She attempted suicide and was hospitalized.

1955 -----> Plath graduated from Smith and traveled to England to study at Cambridge University on a Fulbright Fellowship.

1956 -----> Married Ted Hughes on June 16.

1957 ----- Returned to Smith College as a visiting professor with the company of her husband.

1958 -----> She audited Robert Lowell’s poetry classes at Boston University and wrote while staying in Boston.

1959 -----> Plath and Hughes visited Yoddo and returned to England to make their home in London.

1960 -----> Frieda Rebecca, the first child, her daughter was born on April 1

The Colossus and Other Poems was published in October.

1961 -----> The family moved to Devon from London.

1962 -----> Nicholas Farrar, her son was born on January 17.

Sylvia and her children moved to London.

1963 -----> The Bell Jar was published under the pseudonym Victoria Lucas in January.

She committed suicide on February 11.

1965 -----> Ariel was published posthumously.

1966 -----> The Bell Jar was re-printed this time under her original name.

1971 -----> Her collections Crossing the Water and Winter Trees were published posthumously.

1975 ----> Letter Home collection was published.

1977 -----> Hughes compiled Johnny Panic and the Bible of Dreams and Other Prose Writings for publication.

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