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Every Man in his Humours- Ben Johnson Act II

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Act II

Kitely in his mansion asks his assistant Thomas Cash to complete a transaction. Kitley expresses to Downright, how strongly he trusts Cash as he himself has brought him up. He then complains regarding the recent behaviors of Wellbred inside the house. Wellbred resides along with Downright in Kitely’s mansion and makes it appear like a theatre and he is also worried that his wife is drawn to any of his companions. Even his companions tease him and his appearance if he dares to confront them. After complaining he asks Downright to speak with him regarding the issue as a favor. At this hour Mathew and Bobadill come in search of Wellbred. Kitely informs them that he is not home yet. In the meantime Bobadill and Downright quarrel with words. They both leave the home and Downright moves in for breakfast restrained by Kitely.

Cob arrives to supply water. Kitely asks him whether he has let Wellbred into his house and he also threatens there is a possibility that his wife has an illicit affair with such men. At this h0ur arrive Kitley’s wife Dame Kitely and his sister Bridget. Kitley appears feverish and makes his wife worry but deep down his is worried that his wife might have an illicit affair. This very thought of jealousy shakes him.

While all these things happen in Old Jewry and as Edward and Stephen are on their way towards Old Jewry, Brainworm in order to stop Old Knowell from following them appears in disguise like an ex-soldier in Moorfields. But he also meets Stephen and Edward (Stephen comes there in search of his wallet), just as he could not reveal his identity in the presence of Old Knowell he continues to converse with them in disguise. To add more to the fun he sells a sword saying a story to Stephen which he stupidly buys (both the story and the sword).

When Old Knowell arrives at Moorfields he speaks a lengthy speech on parenting. He speaks out the confused mind of a parent while growing up his/her child. Brainworm appears in disguise and begs to Old Knowell introducing himself as Fitzsword. This makes Old Knowell angry. He chides him as usual saying that the act of begging is no good and it is disgusting. Finally out of pity he hires him and leaves the place. Brainworm also remains with him as he needs to collect information for Edward.

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