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Every Man in his Humour- Ben Jonson- Characters list

Updated: Aug 14, 2021


The popular play Every Man in his Humour was written by Ben Jonson, the contemporary of William Shakespeare. The play has five acts and was performed in the year 1598 by Lord Chamberlian’s Men. As one can read in the biography of Ben Jonson, all his plays reflected the deformities of contemporary people; the same is applied in this play too. All the characters represent the time’s deformities.


  • KNOWELL, an old Gentleman

  • EDWARD KNOWELL, his Son.

  • BRAINWORM, the Father's Man

  • GEORGE DOWNRIGHT, a plain Squire.

  • WELLBRED, his Half-Brother.

  • Wellbred's Servant

  • KITELY, a merchant.


  • MRS. BRIDGET his virgin Sister.

  • CAPTAIN BOBADILL, a Paul's Man.

  • MASTER STEPHEN, a Country Gull.

  • MASTER MATHEW, the Town Gull.


  • OLIVER COB, a Water-bearer.

  • TIB Cob's Wife

  • JUSTICE CLEMENT, an old merry magistrate

  • ROGER FORMAL, his Clerk.

Act I Summary

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