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William Wordsworth- Timeline

1770-----> Wordsworth was born, 7 April.

1779-----> Wordsworth attended Hawkshead Grammar School.

1787-----> Wordsworth's first published the poem ‘Sonnet, on Seeing Miss Helen Maria William Weep at a Tale of Distress’ in The European Magazine.

1790-----> Went on a walking tour to France and Switzerland.

1791-----> Returned to France, met Annette Vallon.

1792-----> Wordsworth's illegitimate daughter Caroline was born.

1795-----> Inherited £900 and went to live with Dorothy in Dorset.

1797-----> Completed the play, The Borderers. Began to have the great friendship with Coleridge

1798-----> Coleridge and Wordsworth published Lyrical Ballads. Started to write The Prelude

1799-----> Moved to Dove Cottage in Grasmere.

1802-----> Married Mary Hutchinson.

1805-----> The Prelude was completed

1807-----> Poems in Two Volumes got published.

1808-----> Moved to Allan Bank

1811-----> His children, Thomas and Catherine died.

1812-----> Moved from Allan Bank to the Rectory, Grasmere.

1813-----> Became a distributor of Stamps for Westmoreland. Completed The Excursion

1814-----> The Excursion was published. The Recluse was planned.

1815-----> First Collected Edition of Poems was published.

1820-----> Published The River Duddonsequence.

1827-----> Toured with Rhine, his daughter Dora, and Coleridge

1834-----> Coleridge died

1843-----> Became Poet Laureate

1847-----> Dora died.

1850-----> Wordsworth died, 23 April. The Prelude was published by his wife and executors.

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