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Waiting for Godot- Samuel Beckett- Play Summary(2)

Pozzo now starts speaking to Lucky. In a sense he is not speaking rather ordering Lucky to do a lot of things like, asking for a coat, chicken and stool. Lucky obeys him as if he has a blended quality of a dog and a slave. Pozzo informs them that it’s been a 6 hours travel and he haven’t seen a soul and so he would like to spend some time before moving. While he starts to eat his chicken piece voraciously Gogo and Didi start rounding up Lucky, who is standing behind Pozzo with a suitcase in his hand. They both examine him closer and discuss a lot, even try to speak to him but gets interrupted by Pozzo. He is now done with the chicken and has thrown the bones out. Those bones attract Gogo (Estragon).

Gogo asks for the bones and finds out it belongs to Lucky. Lucky maintains silence when he was asked whether he needs his bone or not. This silence disturbs Pozzo because he hasn’t seen an occasion where Lucky denied a bone. With that silence as acceptance Estragon picks the bone and starts to gnaw. This embarrasses Vladimir, according to him this isn’t the way of treating a human. Pozzo now humiliates Vladimir by asking his age. Estragon innocently answers it’s eleven. Pozzo now speaks on how he would like to move from here but then he changes his mind to sit again and have a second smoke with his pipe. His talks annoys Vladimir and he tries to go out of the place, Estragon is not aware of the feelings of Vladimir; he is just wondering why is Lucky not keeping the suitcase down. Once Vladimir makes his mind to go away, Pozzo reminds him of the fact that they were and are waiting for Godot and he might leave the moment after they leave this place. He also says that there is a possibility that he stays and that he would be happy to meet Godot. Estragon keeps on asking the same question, “Why he doesn’t put his bags down?” to Pozzo and was ignored by him. Vladimir asks the same question instead of Gogo.

Pozzo creates a very dramatic suspense and makes Lucky to drop the bags by saying “Hog!”. Pozzo accuses the reason for him to carry and work like this is to impress him and let him not leave him. But he is to sell Lucky in a market or he thinks it’s wise to kill such creatures. Listening to this Lucky cries and earns the pity of Estragon. Vladimir is confused he repeatedly asks “You want to get rid of him?” and gets the answer as mentioned above. Now as Pozzo has given his handkerchief to Estragon to calm Lucky, he asks for another from Lucky itself, in order to do it he hurts Gogo’s leg and he starts to bleed. Vladimir is enraged, he looks at the sky and asks, “Will night never come?” Gogo tries to walk but in vain, he spits at Lucky and sits on the mound. Pozzo speaks of his old days with Lucky and how he has become worse. He also shows to them how old Lucky is by removing his hat. Vladimir is again enraged, he confronts Pozzo that he has taken all the good of him and is getting rid of him at this old age cruelly. This makes Pozzo to cry. He cries as if his only hardship in his life is to live with Lucky. His cry provokes Vladimir to yell at Lucky. Pozzo after this break out requests both to forget such an incident ever happened. Vladimir exits suddenly, this worries Pozzo even more. Estragon calms him, he shows what actually Vladimir has went for, Vladimir has some bladder problems after this they (Estragon and Pozzo) both get into a conversation.

Vladimir who has now returned feels intolerable, and so he again states “Will night never come?” To this statement Pozzo says that even he in their situation with an appointment to meet Godot or someone, would wait for the night to appear before giving up. This again makes Vladimir annoyed. Pozzo continues to speak on twilight and night, how twilight pops out night suddenly and all they have to do is “Wait!” Vladimir affirms it by saying they are used to it. Now that they are silent though indulged in few conversations, Estragon feels bored. This tediousness passes also to Vladimir and Pozzo. Pozzo offers Estragon and Vladimir an entertainment show. Estragon choose Lucky to dance where as Vladimir choose Lucky to think. Pozzo generously let Lucky to do both of their wishes. Lucky first dances and while so he misses his hat. Pozzo now reminds one of the habit of Lucky. It is, he requires hat if he is to think and speak. So that Valdimir helps keep his hat on his head back. Now after a silence Lucky speaks a very big monologue. This amuses all the three. After a while Pozzo and Lucky bid goodbye but they do not leave at once. Eventually they leave the place. Now it's just Gogo and Didi waiting for Godot.

A messenger from Godot enters the place and informs that Godot wouldn't be coming today and that he will come tomorrow. Vladimir enquires on Godot, to which he replies, I am his worker and that Godot is a good master. After saying this he leaves. Both Gogo and Didi waiting for Godot was waste, so both decide to move, not too far because Godot will be here tomorrow. So they speak of leaving the place yet they don't, it gets dark and ends the act one.

Act two, to be precise is the photocopy of yesterday i.e. Act I with a single minor change. It is, Pozzo, he is blind today. The evening as usual in the road, near a tree, Estragon sits, Vladimir arrives, both speak to each other hug as they have met finally for the day, Estragon says that he was bet by people for no reason yesterday night. He sleeps and the same happens, they decide to wait for Godot, well.. the same happens, Vladimir speaks on Pozzo and Lucky to which Estragon reacts like a stranger. He claims that he do not remember them. He even does not realise the tree or the place or the fact that the waited for Godot, yesterday. Vladimir and Estragon now encounter Pozzo and Lucky, Pozzo is blind now, Lucky is just like before, he is a human-dog to Pozzo. They meet, Pozzo falls, Vladimir falls trying to help him and Estragon also falls trying to safe Vladimir. After a while they, just like "before" they (Pozzo and Lucky) leave and the messenger appears. He says that Godot won't be able to meet them today but he will tomorrow in this same place. Vladimir asks on what Godot is doing now to which the messenger replies NOTHING! They decide on going away but they wait. They stand still!

‘Life itself is an art of illusion. Well, who escapes it? We wait, get entrapped and cheated by it. Yet, do we stop?’

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