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Thomas Nashe- Timeline

Thomas Nashe:

1567 -----> He was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk

1582 -----> Enrolled in St. John's College, Cambridge University

1584 -----> Had become a scholar of the Lady's Margaret Foundation

1586 -----> Graduated his B. A

1589 -----> His first printed essay appeared on Robert Greene's Menaphon

1592 -----> A pleasant Comodie, called Summer's Will and Testament (written)

1593 -----> Christ's Tears

1593 -----> The Unfortunate Traveller

1593 -----> Lenten Stuffe

1594 -----> The Terrors of the Night

1600 -----> Summer's Last Will and Testament published

1601 -----> In Charles Fitzgeffrey's Affainae (1601) Thomas Nashe was referred to as already deceased.


Thomas Nashe By McGinn, Donald Joseph

A History of the Elizabethan Literature- George Saintsbury

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