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Thomas Lodge- Timeline

Thomas Lodge:

1558 -----> He was born in London

1573 -----> he spent two successful years at the school before entering Trinity College, Oxford.


1578)-----> Lodge took his degree

1579 -----> Reply to Gosson (wrote while he was a law student)

1581 -----> he was called to Council to answer certain charges and he was imprisoned until autumn of that year

1584 -----> Sir Thomas did disinherit Thomas when he died.

1584 -----> An Alarum Against Usurers, History of Forbonius and Prisceria and Truth’s Complaint Over England. (together published as a volume)

1586 -----> The Wounds of Civil War

1587 -----> A Looking Glass for London and England (in collaboration with Robert Greene)


1592)-----> Scillaes Metamorphosis or Glaucus and Scilla and Rosalynde.

1591 -----> The Famous, true and historicall life of Robert second Duke of Normandy, and Catharos, Diogenes in his Singularitie

1592 -----> Euphues Shadow, The Battaile of the Senses

1595 -----> A Fig for Momus: containing pleasant varietie, included in Satyres, Eclogues, and Epistles incorporates.

1606 -----> Left England, to escape the persecution then directed against the Catholics

1625 -----> He died in Old Fish Street in London.


Thomas Lodge- Rae, Wesley D., author

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