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Thomas Lodge- Bio

His Life and Education:

Most readers know Thomas Lodge as a writer of lyrics and prose romances; few know the variety of his writings, the effects of his prose style, or the experiments in literary forms that he introduced to English letters. A man who helped usher in the Golden age of Elizabethan Literature. He was born in 1558 in London to Sir Thomas Lodge, Lord Mayor of London as a second son. Jr. Thomas Lodge spent his youth in the household of the Stanleys, Earls of Derby, which the writer always wrote fondly of.

The second phase of his education began at the famous Merchant Taylor’s School in London where he was enrolled as the son of a poor man at reduced tuition. His father was in prison due to debts at that time. Though, he spent two successful years at the school before entering Trinity College, Oxford, in 1573. He studied with Edward Hoby, who was destined to become a leading scholar and diplomat at Elizabeth’s court. After four years, Lodge took his degree in March, 1577- 1578. He then got enrolled in the famous Law school in London, The Inns of Court, as a member of the society of Lincoln’s Inn. While in the law school he was in the midst of the budding literary energy. His Older brother William was also a member in the law school. Though, Thomas has enjoyed his life with full of optimism and fortune, it did not last after Lady Lodge’s death. She favoured her other sons in her will. This made Thomas’ life miserable in his youthful years. Sir Thomas also did disinherit Thomas when he died in 1584. Ironically, young Thomas had the same liking for mismanaging money that his father had. But they were elevated by his education and the changing times.

Three years later he settled in London, he entered his supplication for the Masters of Arts degree at Oxford, and it had been accepted. He did not receive his degree because he was called to Council to answer certain charges and he was imprisoned until autumn of that year (1581). He became a Catholic and engaged in the practice of medicine, in 1600 .Two years afterwards he received the degree of M.D. from Oxford University.


Thomas Lodge- Rae, Wesley D., author

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