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The Tempest- Act IV



Prospero in front of his cell gives the hand of Miranda to Ferdinand saying that she is his forever from now. He also asks him to keep his daughter virgin till all the holy rituals are to be done if not no goodness will fall on their relationship growth. Ferdinand promises Prospero to keep his word. Now Prospero arranges a masque performance in celebration of his daughter’s future marriage. Iris, Ceres, Juno, Nymphs and Reapers – the spirits of Prospero perform it under his order. Ferdinand is totally stumbled on the magic and wishes to be in the island forever. Prospero then asks the spirits to come as dogs and hounds; Miranda and Ferdinand to get in and Ariel to be invisible just like him because Caliban, Stepheno and Trinculo are on their way to kill Prospero. Before their arrival , Ariel tells Prospero how he tricked them to follow his music and led them to the dangerous path and finally to the mud lake.

Caliban informs Stepheno and Trinculo that they reached Prospero’s cell. Both start stealing garments instead of killing or destroying. Caliban is annoyed by their actions. Spirits in the form of dogs and hounds come there and round them up. Now they three get spelled as a punishment. Ariel then reports to Prospero how in another part of the island Alonzo, Antonio, Sebastian and Gonzalo are weeping on their mistakes.


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