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The Tempest- William Shakespeare- Characters and Settings


ALONSO- The king of Naples with two children.

SEBESTIAN- The brother of Alonzo, who conspires against the king with Antonio.

PROSPERO- The rightful Duke of Milan, a sorcerer.

MIRANDA- Daughter of Prospero, the ladylove of Ferdinand, a sweet, beautiful lady.

ANTONIO- The brother of Prospero, usurping Duke of Milan, the one who exiled Prospero and his daughter to seize the kingdom.

FERDINAND- The prince of Napels, Son of Alonzo, who falls in love with Miranda.

GONZALO- The Nobel advisor, the one who helped Prospero with the hidden necessities.

ADRIAN and FRANCISCO- Lords from Napels.

CALIBAN- The monster, son of Sycorax (a witch who once owned the magic island which now Prospero lives).

TRINCULO- A jester, mistakes Caliban as a fish or a dead islander.

STEPHANO- A drunkard butler of Alonzo who wishes to become the king of the island.

MASTER OF A SHIP- Captain of the king’s ship

BOATSWAIN- Assistant to Master and he treats the authorities harsh when the ship is about to wreck.

MARINERS- Workers in the ship.

ARIEL- Air spirit, a loyal servant to Prospero.

IRIS, CERES, JUNO, NYMPHS, REAPERS- Other spirits that serve Prospero.


Act I- Scene i- On a ship at sea: a tempestuous noise of thunder and lightning heard; Scene ii- An island before Prospero’s cell.

Act II- Scene i- Another part of the island; Scene ii- Another part of the island.

Act III- Scene i- Before Prospero’s cell; Scene ii- Another Part of the island; Scene iii- Another Part of the island.

Act IV- Scene i- Before Prospero’s cell.

Act V- Scene i: Before Prospero’s cell.

Play Summary

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