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The Tempest- Act II

Act I


In another part of the island, Alonso, Gonzalo, Antonio, Sebastian, Adrian and Francisco along with others discuss on the Prince. Alonso is deeply hurt because he believes he has lost both his children. He left his daughter Claribel married to the King of Tunis (capital of Tunisia in North Africa) and now Ferdinand is lost in this shipwreck. Suddenly all gets sleepy except Sebastian and Antonio. They inform Alonzo, the King in grief to sleep while they guard everyone. At this time Antonio persuades Sebastian to kill the King and become the next King of Napels as Alonzo presently is vulnerable.To this Sebastian agrees. This conspiracy is noted by Ariel who is invisible, he wakes them up with a tiny song. Then the crew decides on searching the lost prince. Ariel also reports this incident to Prospero.

Caliban in search of the woods curses Prospero as always. He senses someone’s arrival and hides himself in the ground thinking it’s one of the spirits of Prospero. It’s Trinculo, the King’s jester who mistakes Caliban a dead islander and hides near him in scared of thunder. Stephano the king’s butler, a drunkard comes there with a bottle of wine, singing. He sees Caliban and imagines training him and selling him in Napels. Caliban believes them to be strong and the wine heavenly. And so he goes with them saying they are his new masters and he is no more the servant of that tyrant Prospero.


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