Sophocles- Timeline

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497-96 B.C.E--------> Sophocles was born.

468--------------------> He got the first prize for tragedy at the festival of the Great Dionysia.

443-42----------------> Sophocles served as imperial treasurer.

c. 442 -----------------> Antigone was composed

441 – 40--------------> Sophocles served as a general

440-30(?)------------> Ajax was composed

430 – 20(?)---------->Trachiniae was produced

429 – 25(?)----------> Oedipus Rex

After 420(?)---------> Electra was composed

413 --------------------> Sophocles served as a special state commissioner.

409-------------------->Philoctetes was composed

406-5-----------------> Sophocles died

401 --------------------> Oedipus at Colonus was produced posthumously.

Sophocles Brief Bio

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