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Romeo and Juliet- Act III

Updated: May 3, 2021



Benvolio with other men and Mercutio with his Page enters. Benvolio asks Mercutio to postpone the work they are about to do because it’s hot and Capulets are out roaming and this might ignite a fight. Mercutio mocks Benvolio’s restraining advice because Benvolio is short-tempered in nature (to prove this he lists few incidents). Tybalt arrives with Petruchio and other men. They all speak and the conversation becomes violent with the arrival of Romeo. Mercutio and Tybalt don’t want any peace talks they go straight to fight to deny Romeo’s approach. Romeo even reminds of the Prince’s rule though they fight, in order to stop the jumps in-between. Tybalt taking this as an advantage swings his sword under Romeo’s arm and stabs Mercutio. All the Capulets flee after this. Mercutio curses both the families, their enmity and Tybalt and dies. Enraged Romeo worries that Juliet has taken his bravery but no more mercy he says to himself. Tybalt comes back, this time Romeo fights with saying one of them has to be alive or both have to be dead. Tybalt dies in the fight. Benvolio asks Romeo to run because if caught he will be sentenced to death. Prince, Montague, Lady Montague, Capulet, Lady Capulet and other arrive at the spot. Benvolio tells everything to the Prince. Lady Capulet does not believe it as Benvolio is a Montague and she wants revenge for Tybalt's death. Finally, the Prince exiles Romeo from Verona.

Juliet in her room after 3 hours of their marriage is craving to lose her virginity in the darkness. She wishes the night to come sooner. Nurse comes there with the rope ladder and mourns death (plainly death without saying whose death). This shakes Juliet’s soul and she is totally freaked out who is dead. Nurse tells her totally late as usual not being straight and simple. Juliet finally learns that Tybalt is dead and Romeo is banished for killing him. Juliet at first scolds him and the heavens for creating such a beautiful man with a villainous soul in it. When Nurse starts to scold along, Juliet realises Romeo must have killed Tybalt to save his life which makes this news good news to her. Though she becomes desperate to the news ‘Romeo is banished’. Nurse then promises Juliet that she knows where Romeo is and she will make him come to her room tonight. Romeo is hiding in Friar Lawrence’s cell. Juliet gives her a ring and asks to give it to Romeo.

Friar Lawrence calls out Romeo and tells him the punishment given to him 'banishment from Verona’. This almost kills Romeo, according to him Verona is his world, banishing from Verona is like banishing from the world i.e. death. He says banishment is death in the wrong name. It is worse than death he says because Juliet lives here and he cannot live without Juliet. Friar Lawrence chides him for being blind, a man not witnessing the mercy that the Prince has shown on him. He then hears knocking on the door. It’s the Nurse from Juliet. She informs, Juliet wishes to see him, where is Romeo she asks. Looking at Romeo in the ground weeping she says Juliet is doing the same. Friar Lawrence gets angry at seeing Romeo’s cowardly behaviours. He then advises him in length and asks Nurse to inform Juliet to make sure all the house persons go to sleep soon and Romeo will come tonight to meet her. After Nurse leaves, he tells Romeo that he can meet Juliet tonight and comfort her but, before the night watchmen come to their positions he has to get out, if not he has to leave in disguise in the day. He then asks Romeo to go to Mantua, after few days when they feel like telling their relationship public they will get a pardon from the Prince and would welcome Romeo to the City happily. Romeo now leaves for Juliet’s place.

Paris is in Capulet’s home again for the marriage proposal. Capulet assures that his daughter would listen to anything he says and so the marriage will happen on Thursday, today is Monday and Lady Capulet will inform Juliet regarding her marriage before going to bed. Paris leaves the place and Lady Capulet heads to Juliet’s room.

Romeo is about to leave the place (Juliet’s room). Juliet creates excuses to make him stay. He then threatens her that he will stay and die (if so she will be happy- he says sarcastically). Scared Juliet asks him to leave as soon as possible. Now Nurse comes there and warns her mother’s arrival. While Romeo gets down the rope ladder, Juliet says, her soul tells her negative predictions on seeing Romeo hanging in the ladder, she feels like he is in the tomb as a dead body. Romeo comforts her saying even she looks pale to him and this is because of sorrow. Soon everything will be alright and that he will not miss a single chance to send her his love and bids his goodbye. Lady Capulet arrives and looks at Juliet weeping. She comforts her saying Tybalt is dead, a little cry would show a lot of love, if you cry more, and that is stupid because tears do not bring him alive. Juliet plays along saying how she hates Romeo for killing her cousin Tybalt. L. Capulet then tells Juliet happy news that was planned by her father to take away her sorrow, her marriage with Paris on St. Peter’s Church on Thursday. But, for Juliet this is bad news, she tells her mother the truth if she is to marry a person it will be Romeo. Now enters, Capulet.

Capulet is concerned about Juliet’s health. He tells her to stop crying if not that would make her sick and die sooner. He then asks L. Capulet whether she has informed the happy news. L. Capulet tells him she is not happy with the marriage. Capulet is puzzled, he asks, doesn’t she feel proud and honoured to get such a nobleman to be her husband. Juliet speaks her mind. She says she is proud, not proud, honoured and not honoured. This makes Capulet enraged and chides her for her foolishness. He denies hearing anything further from anyone because he tried hard for months and brought her this groom which she should obey and get married on Thursday if not she can leave the house and beg on the streets to die. Capulet leaves the room. Juliet begs her mother to delay the wedding at least a month or a week if not she will die like Tybalt. Lady Capulet has no more to speak with her and she leaves too. Now Juliet turns to Nurse and asks her for advice she, in turn, asks Juliet to marry Paris and her second marriage will be happier than the first because Romeo does not live here and so this is her fate. Juliet now tells Nurse to inform her mother that she is going to Friar Lawrence’s cell for confession because she made her father angry. After Nurse’s exit Juliet speaks to herself that Nurse is also a foe and will not tell anything to her from now.

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