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Nissim Ezekiel- Brief Bio

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Nissim Ezekiel also known as the Father of Modern Indian English, made his way into the English textbooks as an impact of his tremendous contribution to the Indian English writing community. He

was born on 16th December 1924 in Bombay, Maharashtra into an Indo- Jewish family, where his adoption of authentic English had its roots. He attained his B.A., in English from Bombay University. Later he kept moving around countries as an eminent English tutor. Ezekiel earned a name for himself by constantly pointing out the follies of Indian people while trying to speak English. All his subjects swing from realities to socialism with a little dip in mockery. His first work was “A Time to Change”, published in 1952. His most famous works are "Night of the Scorpion", "Latter-Day Psalms" and more. He was the Padmashri awardee in 1988 and the Sahitya Akademi cultural awardee in 1983.


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