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John Lyly- Timeline

John Lyly:

1553 -----> He was born at Canterbury, London

1554 -----> Entered Magdalen College (part of Oxford University)

1575 -----> Graduated M. A

1578 -----> Eupheus: The Anatomy of a Wit

1580 -----> Eupheus and His England; 'Euphuism' became a style of writing among

other writers.


1588)-----> Gallatha

1588 -----> Endymion

1590 -----> Mida, Love's Metamorphosis and Mother Bombie


1595)-----> The Woman in the Moon

1603 -----> Queen Elizabeth died and King James came to reign

1606 ----> He died (in obscure circumstances)


Great Elizabethan Playwrights by Don Nardo

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