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John Keats- Timeline

1795 -----> Keats was born at Swan and Hoop Livery Stables, London (October 31)

1797 -----> George Keats was born (February 28)

1799 -----> Tom Keats was born (November 18) and Keats family moved to Craven Street.

1801 -----> Edward Keats was born (April 28).

1802 -----> Death of Edward Keats.

1802 -----> Fanny Browne was born (June 3), Keats attended Clarke's school at Enfield.

1804 -----> Keats' father Thomas Keats was killed in a riding accident and his mother married William Rawlings.

1810 -----> Keats mother dies.

1811 -----> Keats was apprenticed to the surgeon Joseph Hammond of Edmonton.

1814 -----> Keats composed his earliest known poems.

1815 -----> Keats entered Guy's Hospital as a student. He also became a dresser.

1816 -----> To Solitude was published in Examiner. He was licensed for practicing as an apothecary. Wrote 'On First Looking into Chapman's Homer' and 'Sleep and Poetry'.

1817 -----> 1817 book was published. He reviewed theatre for the Indicator in Reynold's absence.

1818 -----> Revised Endymion. Composed Isabella. Tom Keats became too ill. Met Fannie Browne in the summer. Began Hyperion. Tom died in December 1.

1819 -----> Wrote St Agnes Eve. He composed La belle dame sans merci. Composed odes on Grecian Urn, Melancholy, Nightingale, and Indolence. Began to work on Otho the Great and Lamia. Worked on the Fall of Hyperion. He also composed Ode to Autumn. Keats and Fanny Browne got engaged.

1820 -----> He got a severe haemorrhage. Revised Lamia. He went to Italy because of cold. 1820 was published. He wrote his last letter in December 10.

1821 -----> February 23, Keats died at 11 P. M. News of his death reached London on 17 March.

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