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Community Language Learning and Suggestopaedia

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Community Language Learning is a learner-centric approach. The teacher remains a facilitator and the learners will feel relaxed as they have the flexibility to choose the topic and the language. The important characteristics of this approach are; personal defenses are replaced by supportive community feeling (e.g. When a student does a mistake in a group, he/she need not feel low instead it will be corrected by the group itself, which is more comfy and supportive), The teacher is treated as a true counselor (e.g. if the students are provided with a set of activities to decide, the teacher stays out-of-it until the group wants him/her), etc. In such a way learning becomes effective. One can learn with free will, learn to co-work, grow leadership quality and understand the needs of the peers through this method. The significance of this method is students learn a language with ease and without pressure.

Suggestopedia again is a method that is framed to keep the learners relaxed. But why is it necessary for the learners to be relaxed in class? The answer, this helps in making the path of learning resourceful. In suggestopedia, the class begins with the review of the previous class and continues with a presentation and discussion of the new topic. This makes the learners catch up with vocabularies and sentence patterns learned the day before. The important element in this approach is the inclusion of sensory learning. Music is the central component in it. The benefits of this approach are the creation of imaginary power and fluency of language. E.g. if the students are provided with background music of the sea and are asked to imagine anything in a sea and speak in the mouths of the characters they have chosen, the class becomes full of fun and facts. Unlike any other teacher, an EFL/ESL teacher should be more efficient in the use of language and in managing the classroom because the learners will be a mixture of various cultural backgrounds. Being Universal in all the aspects is important and the ability to help students wisely in second language acquisition is also equivalently significant.

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