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The Tempest- Act V

Act IV


Prospero and Ariel witness the scene where the crew is in desperate guilt. On seeing it Prospero wishes to forgive them and get rid of his magical powers. He asks Ariel to bring the ship and the others in it. Prospero first throws his invisible cloak in the sky and makes it disappear, then he closes his magic book also to disappear and finally he breaks his wand. Alonzo begs Prospero for forgiveness and his son to be alive. Prospero forgives Alonzo and shows his son who is playing chess with Miranda. Ferdinand informs Alonzo that he is in love with Miranda, the daughter of the Duke of Milan and he wishes to marry her. Alonzo wholeheartedly accepts the marriage.

Now the ship and Boatswain with the crew appear. They inform that they are all safe and the ship is never been better. They all were in a sleeping dose and now feel lively. Prospero asks Ariel to bring Caliban and others. He then explains how this man plotted to kill him and become the king. Alonzo recognises both Trinculo and Stepheno as his servants. Finally all set to the ship with the Duke Prospero and the princess Miranda. Caliban and Ariel are set free in the magical island.

Play within a play

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